What to Pack for Fitness Teacher Training

I got back from my whirlwind weekend in Denver for Pure Barre teacher training very early Monday morning. (Ah, the joys of delayed flights…) I had a great time and learned a lot; now I just need to memorize all of the information they gave us. As I was reflecting on my experience, I got to thinking that one of the big things that can help make your teacher training experience great is being prepared. I packed really well for this trip, probably because I packed almost the same things that I packed for yoga teacher training and for some extent for running coach training, too. So, for any of you headed off to fitness teacher training, I wanted to share my packing list with you so you’ll know what to pack for fitness teacher training!

Headed off to training to become a fitness instructor? Make sure that you add these items to your packing list!

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Try Something New

I have a lot of changes going on in my life right now. I’m switching jobs and just finished my training to become a Pure Barre teacher yesterday afternoon. My mind is swimming with information and possibilities. It’s scary to leave what you’re used to, what’s comfortable, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

if you do what you always did you will get what you always got

Sometimes what we need to really take the next step in our lives is a change. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, maybe it’s time to make a change in your life. If you keep doing the same things, you don’t have a reason to make any changes, for better or worse. Making a change can be a big gamble, but when you feel like things are stagnant, sometimes you just need to take a big leap. Continue reading

Five Friday Faves #31

Greetings from Denver! I’m in Colorado for Pure Barre teacher training, which I’m both excited and nervous about. I decided to fly in early on Friday to try to get acclimated to the elevation and to see some friends and family that live in the area. I’ve been running around like crazy this week, so I’m taking a moment to catch up on blogging things before I run out.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Getting to see old friends. I’m going to get to go to dinner with one of my grad school BFFs, Emily, tonight! I’m so excited to see her and to catch up! I haven’t seen her since my wedding a year and a half ago, so I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about.


Tulips. The tulips are really popping in Chicagoland and I’m loving them. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and seeing them come up every spring makes me so happy. Continue reading

Make Clean Eating Easier

Today is the last day of the FitFluential Spring Clean challenge, which means I’m very close to have been eating clean for a whole month! As someone who previously lived on processed carbs and sweets, this was a tough one for me at first. But, now that I’m almost done, I’m feeling really great and I think I’m going to largely keep eating clean, while allowing for occasional indulgences, like a night at the ball park.

How to make clean eating easier: Six tips to help you clean up what you eat


I did learn a lot about what I needed to do to make clean eating easier, and I wanted to share what I learned with you guys just in case you’re struggling with eating clean like I did when I first started the challenge.

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Training for Running and Other Sports

Lately I’ve been splitting my fitness efforts between my running and training for Ragnar Chicago and taking as many barre classes as I can to get ready for my teacher training this weekend. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve come up with a few tricks that have helped me balance training for running and other sports. This post can apply to triathletes, but I’m going to leave the triathlon-specific advice to the triathlon coaches and people who know more about triathlon training than I do.

training for running and other sports

So, what am I doing to get the most out of my running and my other sport? Continue reading

Change Your Perspective

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got a lot accomplished (or not, if you needed a break). For Motivation Monday, I’ve been thinking about how powerful the mind is and how when you change your perspective on anything, whether it’s fitness or life, it can really change your life.

Motivational quote: "Change your thoughts and you can change  your world." -Norman Vincent Peale  Why changing how you look at things can help you achieve your goals.

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” If you set out to do something and are confident that you can do it, you’ll be so much more likely to reach your goal. Continue reading

Link Roundup #2

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my favorite things that I’ve been reading, so I’m sharing my second installment of my Link Roundup today! I hope you find these articles as helpful as I have!

Link roundup: my favorite fitness links from around the web


5 Ways Running Has Changed Me via Jessica at Keeping Mommy Sane – Running changes us in a lot of ways, which I think is a big part of why runners really love to run.

7 Lessons in Injury Prevention via Amanda from Run to the Finish – Running is an injury-prone sport, so do what you can to prevent getting injured! Continue reading

Five Friday Faves #30

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Mine’s been busy and I’m looking at an even busier weekend, but everything is going well, especially because I started my new job yesterday. And, because it’s Friday, I’m linking up with Clare, Heather, and Katie to tell you all about my favorite things of the week.

inner fire leggings

1. My new leggings from Inner Fire Apparel. Have you caught on that I have a slight leggings obsession yet? I’ve been coveting the Geometrica legging from Inner Fire for a while, so when they had a sale on Instagram a couple of weeks back, I made sure to snag a pair. They feel great and move really well, too. Also, their tanks are fantastic and I plan on owning one (or three) of those soon, too! Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: New Job!

I don’t do Thinking Out Loud Thursday posts often, but I wanted to write a short one today. I’m so excited about a big change going on in my life right now: I started a new job today working at Pure Barre!

pure barre

If you follow my Instagram or read my Weekly Workouts posts, you might have been wondering why the heck I’ve been going to so many barre classes lately. I really do love barre workouts, but I’m also trying to get as many classes under my belt as I can before I head off to teacher training the first weekend in May! Continue reading

BlogFest Buddies

I am so excited to be going to my very first BlogFest this summer, and the organizers have put together this neat program where they pair up newbies with buddies who have attended the conference before. Today, I want to introduce you to my buddies, Tasha and Kylie!

All About Tasha


tasha 2

Tasha is the brains behind Hip Healthy Chick and is a seriously inspirational lady. Really, go check out her blog. Here are her answers to the BlogFest Buddy Survey:

1. Who are you? Tell us in a brief paragraph who you are / what city you live in / what you blog about? I am a full time personal trainer, fitness/yoga instructor, living in Madison, Alabama. I am married with two children (age 11 and 17). I pretty much lead a crazy life. :) I blog more about mind things because I believe nobody wants to read about my day to day activities in detail and everybody talks about exercises. Who’s talking about how to change our mindset so we can stop being depressed and pick up a weight to begin with? That would be me. :) Continue reading